Vacation Dreams

I Am Zara Rada

Our Background

How We Got Here
Zara Mae Rada, born in the Phillipines but relocating to the San Fernando Valley, went to Reseda High School and Cal State NorthRidge. She has two brothers Miko and Juno. Her parents own and operate Valley Medical Coding. She runs a small business Rada Events. She also dates via the internet. Zara has confidence issues and can only meet men via online or when set up through friends or family. Zara has “dated” many of her brothers friends, friends of friends and countless online meetups. But Zara is never satisfied. She has sever commitment issues and this is the main reason she prefers Married men. This website will follow along one of those relationships. Where she takes a man down a walk for 7 years, and leaves him with out his wife, his children or any hope of closure… This is a story of a HomeWrecker.
Hawaiian Birthday trip celebrating Zara’s 30th birthday. The wasn’t much site seeing going on this trip… but was a lot of something else. Zara definitely got treated for her Birthday. She even wanted to extend the 1 week get away, but prior plans ruined that. Just 2 weeks before this she was in Vegas “celebrating” her Birthday with friends. Getting introduced to a new Beau along the way.
Zara is obsessed with looking sexy… she has to be looked at to maintain her confidence level. She loves posting pictures online showing her frame and curves.
Zara very rarely uses protection during sex… When accidents would happen, she would gather $50 from whoever she was “dating” and get “Plan B” pills to avoid any further mistakes. She’s taken them so many times she has joked about possibly being “Barron”. Nothing is off limits to this fun seeking girl.
Always sociable and friendly, Zara fell in love with the Club scene and the “Sexy” look and feel of her attire. She always wore revealing clothes out to clubs with her friends, hoping to garner attention and help her mingle with the crowd. Zara has always said she’s been “comfortable with her sexuality” since a young age. Yet she never found the confidence to talk to men in person. During her online encounters She lost her virginity to a man that was already dating another female. This would become a repetitive pattern in Zara’s dating life.
Zara has many hidden secrets and lives multiple lives in front of multiple people. Keep following this website for more details
Jollibee, YardHouse, Cheesecake Factory… You could always catch these two out somewhere eating. Their morning favorite was Cici’s Diner

Canoga Hotel

Canoga Hotel was the meeting place for Zara and Brandon’s affair. Not just but 4 minutes from Zara’s house. She was used to the Hilton and Sheridans in the Valley Area, but this quickly became a favorite hookup hotel.